Cemetery Burial Information


Cedar Hill Cemetery

To purchase a plot, obtain an Internment Permit, or obtain a Cemetery Work Permit for the Cedar Hill Cemetery, please contact the Town of Washington (337)-826-3626 or visit us at 405 North Washington St. Washington, Louisiana 70589.

Price Information:

$800 for 5X10 Plot 

$100 Internment (Permit for Burial)

$75 Cemetery Work Permit- Permits issued by appointment only. A 24-hour notice is required. click here for Cemetery Work Permit

Ownership Requirements:

Documentation showing proof of ownership is required for all pre-purchased plots upon request to utilize the plot. 

If a plot is sold, donated or inherited, documents must be recorded with the Town of Washington for proper ownership change. This includes successions or will documents etc.

If the original owner is deceased, the following must be provided: 

  1. Fully executed Affidavit of Death and Heirship See Attached 
    1. This affidavit must be signed by every person that has ownership of the cemetery plot.
    2. If multiple owners own a plot, all must sign and agree as to who will be buried in the plot.
    3. They can provide multiple signed Affidavits of Death if necessary to accommodate
  2. Any and all documents or evidence they have as it relates to ownership of the plot.
  3. Copy of driver’s license.
  4. Current physical and mailing address
  5. Contact information (phone number, email address, etc.)